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John Hunter

Assistant Principal:
Kelly Bussard

Assistant Principal:
Julie Foster-Teeter

Assistant Principal:
Gina Ayers

Dean of Students:
Chad Angel

Athletic Coordinator:
Jason Platt

Certified Staff

(Names in bold link to teacher web pages)

Family/Consumer Science & Business

Hillary Mehlhoff
Amanda Miles
Scott Swearinger

Industrial Technology/Military

Jim Leeper 
Andrew Peterson
Matt West

Special Programs

Brian Badger (Foundational Skills)
Alisha Young (Transition Specialist)
Melissa Braman (Speech Specialist)
Cameron Farris
Joanne Maier
Matthew Gray
Daniel Sprinkle (Structured Support)
Kelly Tierney (Foundational Skills)
David Webb
Adam Wieland

Jenny Ridders (Clerical)


Michelle Swensen

High School Success

Tony Vandermeer

OdysseyWare/Test Coordinator

Tod Reinhart

Classified Staff

Front Office

Leah Guilford (Office Manager)
Laura Mlsna (Attendance)
Katie Willard (Registrar)
Shannon Veit (Financial Secretary)
Olivia Victorio (Secretary)

Counseling Office

Vickie Sparks

Food Services

Laurie Robinson


Jason Platt (Athletic Director)
Amy Fraizer (AD Secretary)
Taylor Schroeder (Training)


Rich Guzman

Asst. Dean of Students/Web Support

Tim Matuszak