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High School Parnerships/LBCC

Please complete the following two steps:

Step 1: Campus High School Programs Application Form

**This form needs to be saved on your device and then sent to your assigned high school counselor. You can do that by filling out the fillable form, then click “Print”. Where it typically shows your printer options, change the print destination to “Print to PDF”, which then save the form as a PDF document to your computer. Once saved, then upload that document (your CHSP application) and attach it in an email to your counselor.

Step 2: LBCC High School Parnership Packet

**You need to follow the steps in this packet and go through the online LBCC registration part. Please use your personal email address when signing up for this. DO NOT use your student email through our district. Once you complete this step, you’ll receive an LBCC email within a few days after signing up with further action steps.

Please contact your assigned counselor for questions if you need help!