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Oregon Four-Year Colleges and Universities (University System Schools)

Oregon Private Four-Year Colleges and Universities

Out of State Colleges

Information can be found in the Career Center. Consult the college guides, college catalogs, video library, and CIS National School File.You’ll probably have to write for applications. Allow time for replies from out of state schools.

Community Colleges

More and more of our students are deciding to start at a Community College. The entrance requirements are easier, the costs are remarkably less, and the adjustment to college life is often easier. Many students have reported that they felt less”lost” than their friends who went to large universities.

If this sounds like a plan for you, check out the programs and possibilities offered at LBCC.

Community College Facts

Entrance requirements for Community College includes attending orientation and taking placement tests, not the SAT. Some of the more competitive programs require separate deadlines. This information is in the Career Center, as well as at the college.

Oregon is fortunate to have a very good Community College System. A brochure in the Career Center explains the unique programs available at the different colleges.

Oregon Community Colleges

How To Request College Information

If you need information about a college that you cannot find in the Career Center, write, call or get online. Below is a sample letter. Current contact persons are listed in the CIS School File and College Handbook. The following is an example of a request of information letter:


Name of the Admissions Officer
Name of School

Dear _________:

I am currently a senior at South Albany High School and I am interested in enrolling at ___________ beginning Fall 2006. Please send me the application materials and any other information you have for prospective students. I need information on scholarships and student housing. I am particularly interested in the ____________ program.

Thank you for your time.


Sign name

If you have a high GPA, high SAT scores, or exceptional talent, it may be helpful to mention it briefly in this letter.

Being on campus for a few days during the summer will enhance your opportunities for a successful experience in the fall.