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Announcing the character education poster contest winners!

Posted on: June 4, 2018

The annual character education poster contest winners were announced at the June 4 School Board meeting. The students were among 263 entries in the library-sponsored poster contest to promote positive character traits.

Submissions must be original art in any medium, featuring one of eight character traits: honesty and integrity, self-discipline, courage, social responsibility, kindness, respect, justice and personal responsibility.

Teacher and poster contest organizer Amanda Miller presented the awards. Winners for each grade level received framed prints of their artwork.

The winners are:

  • Grades K-2 winner: Nora Staley, grade 1, Clover Ridge Elementary School
  • Grades 3-5 winner: Ariah Hoskins, grade 5, Timber Ridge School
  • Grades 6-8 winner: Kylie Sullivan, grade 7, Timber Ridge School
  • Grade 9-12 winner: Alysa Himebaugh, grade 10, South Albany High School

"Every Act of Kindness Plants a Seed" art by Nora Staley

"Kindness" drawing by Ariah Hoskins

"Kindness" painting by Kylie Sullivan

"Courage" drawing by Alysa Himebaugh

AOS, SAHS and WAHS students and staff receive 2018 Peacemaker awards

Posted on: May 18, 2018

The annual Peacekeepers awards ceremony honored students and staff from Albany Options, South Albany and West Albany high schools. The award recognizes schools that promote harmony, peace and justice in the community.

The following students and staff were recognized at a lunch event on May 7.

Albany Options

Hailey Cotton
Laurel Elliott
Stefany Sanchez
Breanna Volkers

Faculty/Staff: Danny Corliss

South Albany High School

Itzel Alvarez
Emily Balck
Katie Beasley
Sage Bodily
Ambri Burton
Ryan Butler
Samantha Chavarria
Daniela Chavez
Angel Escorcia
Samantha Escorcia
Isaiah Exton
Moises Gonzalez
Jaden Guilford
Ramon Hernandez
Rose Howard
Alex King
Grace Lawson
Taylor Lewis
Brenda Lopez-Lopez
Eddie Martinez
Victor Maxfield
Nick McBee
Susie Montes
Ashlee Nunez
Karla Ortega-Montenegro
Savannah Partridge
Matthew Perry
Pippa Richardson
Isaac Soutwick
Terran Swope
Christopher Vega DeLeon
Christian Vosgien
Elizabeth Wood
Evelin Zuniga

Faculty/Staff: Brandon Neal, Chelsea Palmer, Kaylee Roderick, Chris Van Cauteren, Rose Zoellner

West Albany High School

Liliana Bacilio
Colton Byers
Athena Boysen
Esther Bugge
Jacqueline Clark
Josie Davis
Sabrina Davis
Ceanne Elliott
Hailyn Gibson
Karlie Guilliot
Kennedy Guilliot
Jalen Handy
Jack Lamont
Freddy Lopez
Eli Nicholas
Marcella Norris
Yurtzia Peraza
Vada Shelby
Diego Silva
Anna Soot
Hannah Thorp
Cindy Wong
Abby Wooton
Kassandra Worley

Faculty/Staff: Mr. Wadlow

Photos by Don Bacher. See entire album on Flickr.

Peacemaker award winners pose for photo

Student All-Stars: South Albany High School

Posted on: May 14, 2018

At the first annual GAPS Student All-Stars Celebration, the School Board honored outstanding students from each school. Students were nominated by school staff and introduced by the school principal.

The All-Star Students from South Albany High School are:

Carina Torres-Aranda

Carina is quietly involved in a significant number of service projects and organizations on our campus and in the community. She spends countless hours before school, after school, and on weekends working hard to help others and to help students make connections in our school. She is involved with Key Club, MeCha, Leadership, and many other clubs and organizations in our school. Carina is quiet and very often working behind the scenes to promote our school and other students. She exemplifies the concept of a servant leader.

Ashlee Nunez

Ashlee is the perfect example of what we hope to see in our young people as citizens. She has incredible personal character and exemplifies how we should all treat each other. She is humble and kind. She gives to others without thought. She shares her talents and gifts, and helps others feel good about themselves. She has given back to our school in a ton of ways, and isn’t showy about any of them.

School Board honors Student All-Stars at special meeting

Posted on: May 7, 2018

Tonight, the School Board recognized students from each school in the district for their citizenship and outstanding school and community service. The event was the first annual Recognition of Student All-Stars awards ceremony, held at South Albany High School.

In a move away from student all-star recognition at School Board meetings, the special ceremony was a festive opportunity to praise students for their efforts and character that doesn’t compete with School Board business each month and ensures that families can better celebrate their kids’ achievements.

Students were nominated by school staff. Principals from each school presented the certificates to students, who shook hands with all School Board members and posed for a school photos. In all, 44 students were recognized.

Principal comments and school photos will be posted for each school this week. 

First annual recognition of Student All-Stars awards ceremony. Student all-star holding award.

SAHS students win scholarships for WOU College of Education

Posted on: May 7, 2018

Five South Albany High School seniors were recently awarded scholarships to study education at Western Oregon University.

The future teaching students toured the school and met College of Education Dean Dr. Mark Girod.

The students won a Bilingual Teachers Scholars program scholarship, also know as the “grow your own” program, which will cover more than half of the university tuition costs for five years and grant them other privileges during school and after graduation.

The students awarded the scholarship are:

Marco Reyes (not pictured)
Alexia Anaya (not pictured)
Esmeralda Aviles
Itzel Alvarez
Anakaren Puentes

Six other students ((pictured) also attended and are interested in becoming teachers. They will apply for the scholarship next year.

Estudiantes de SAHS ganan becas para el Facultad de Educación de WOU

Cinco estudiantes del ultimo año de la preparatoria de South Albany High School, fueron
recientemente premiados con becas para estudiar educación en la universidad Western
Oregon University- WOU.

Los futuros estudiantes para maestros, visitaron la escuela y conocieron al Rector Dr.
Mark Girod de la Facultad de Educación.

Los estudiantes ganaron una beca para el programa Bilingual Teachers Scholars
program (Maestros Bilingües), también conocido como el programa “grow your own”, el
cual cubre más de la mitad de los costos de matrícula de la universidad por cinco años y
les otorga otros beneficios durante la escuela y después de la graduación.

Los estudiantes premiados con la beca son:

Marco Reyes (no está en la foto)
Alexia Anaya (no está en la foto)
Esmeralda Aviles
Itzel Alvarez
Anakaren Puentes

Otras seis estudiantes (en la fotografía) también asistieron y están interesadas en
convertirse en maestras. Ellas solicitaran la beca el próximo año.